Solar Powered Multifunction LED Flashlight and Alarm (SLFL-m)

Solar Personal Alert Device with Flashlight and Audible Alarm

The IXYS Solar rechargeable flashlight with multifunction alarm uses high-efficiency solar cells that can produce 15 hours of light on one full solar charge and emit a 100 decibel alarm. The three-year battery shelf life ensures that the light and alarm are ready when you need them. The device also allows you to attach it to a lanyard, gym bag, purse strap, keychain etc., for easy access.




  • Rechargeable battery in a wide variety of light settings
  • Super-bright LED
  • High efficiency solar cell
  • Three-speed beacon light
  • Multifunction alarm
  • Long battery shelf life 

Shipping Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 4

Solar Powered Multifunction LED Flashlight and Alarm (SLFL-m)
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  • Item #: IXYS0011
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