Solar Pad (Smart Phones, Tablets, Floodlight Charger)

Solar Pad



  • Solar powered by 1W solar cell with 22% high efficiency. 
  • Li-polymer battery pack of 6000mAh (1000 charging cycles).
  • Quick USB charging of portable electronics at 1.5A rate.
  • Quick USB charging into SLPD-01 by 1.2A rate.
  • Smart charging to protect overcharge and overdischarge by the microcontroller.
  • Safe, reliable, and longer lifetime charging by the Li battery charger IC.
  • Charges both Apple iPhones and iPads and Galaxy phones and Tabs using smart sensing technology.
  • High-brightness 1W LED flashlight for outdoor camping, etc.
  • Two flashlight modes: continuous mode and blinking mode.

* When charging phones or other electronics, please use the cable connector provided with SLPD-01.

(Direct irradiation of flashlight to eyes may cause vision problems)

Shipping Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 4

Solar Pad (Smart Phones, Tablets, Floodlight Charger)
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